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Chapter Eighty Six: La Luna Nueva

Throughout my childhood, I had grown up with a strong sense of faith. I was raised in a Christian family, and while my mother always told me that I may never know my real biological father, she assured me that … Continue reading

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Introducing Neptune

Hello there, beautiful people! :] As you all know, I took a break from the internet for awhile, and in doing so, I put my rainbowcy on hold in the middle of a generation. While I am forever sorry about … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty Five: Time to Return

My feet shuffled forward; my knees had been locked for the past three miles, and my hands were caught in a tight grip. I was torn in two with feelings, and truth be told, I didn’t necessarily want to reach … Continue reading

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Chaper Eighty Four: Silent Wiggle

After an entire year of being a vampire, I had pretty much forgotten what it ever felt like to be human. No matter how my memories you have – for me, twenty years – of being alive, they faded quicker … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty Three: Falling into Enchantment

“Pluto,” I asked, as he watched people pass by, his head dipping in a gentleman style to the ladies, and in a curt nod to the men who shot him rude glances. “Do you think, that maybe… I could go … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty Two: Behind the Blood

I held my head up in distaste, refusing to budge; I ignored his pleading look and rolled my eyes at his puckered lips. “I told you,” I said, an air of annoyance seeping into each word. “I’m not going to … Continue reading

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Chapter Eighty One: Manifesting Darkness

My eyes opened, and I found myself alone. I quickly sat up, looking around in paralyzed fear. I felt different – I knew I was different, but I wasn’t sure how. I analyzed the room I was in, there was … Continue reading

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