Table of Contents

A rainbowcy by Skip45

Generation One: Rayne

Chapter One: A Moment Too Soon

Chapter Two: I’d Rather Hurt

Chapter Three: Happy With A Monster?

Chapter Four: Consequences

Chapter Five: Regret

Chapter Six: Promises

Chapter Seven: Gone

Chapter Eight: Five Years Later…

Chapter Nine: A Bit Of Flutter

Chapter Ten: A Dance & A Secret

Chapter Eleven: Sleeping In Water

Chapter Twelve: Never Too Late

Chapter Thirteen: When You’re Fifteen

Chapter Fourteen: The End Of An Era

Generation Two: Flutter

Chapter Fifteen: I Love The Way You Lie

Chapter Sixteen: Misery

Chapter Seventeen: Monsters Deserve Punishment

Chapter Eighteen: My Crying Heart

Chapter Nineteen: Because Of You

Chapter Twenty: You’ve Got A Friend In Me

Chapter Twenty One: Next Time, Wonder Sooner…

Chapter Twenty Two: Two Roads, But One Path

Chapter Twenty Three: Picnic’s Never Go As Expected

Chapter Twenty Four: Beautiful Soul

Chapter Twenty Five: A Dream Is Born

Chapter Twenty Six: She’s So Gone

Chapter Twenty Seven: Moon Tears

Chapter Twenty Eight: The Love I’ve Waited For


Generation Three: Dew

Chapter Twenty Nine: High School Is Where It Began

Chapter Thirty: A Pawn In The Game of Chess

Chapter Thirty One: Do You Like Coffee?

Chapter Thirty Two: The Best Comes From The Worst

Chapter Thirty Three: Another Friday Night…

Chapter Thirt Four: It’s A  Family Secret

Chapter Thirty Five: You’ve Got A Deal, Coach

Chapter Thirty Six: Thoughts of Doubt

Chapter Thirty Seven: Let Go Of Pride

Chapter Thirty Eight: Just Tonight

Chapter Thirty Nine: The Truth (Part One)

Chapter Thirty Nine: The Truth (Part Two)

Chapter Forty: A Night Of Dirty Little Secrets

Chapter Forty One: Confession Time

Chapter Forty Two: It Ain’t Me, Babe

Chapter Forty Three: Unbreakeable Mountains

Chapter Forty Four: Truce – Of Sorts

Chapter Forty Five: Oceans Between Us

Chapter Forty Six: Head Over Feet

Chapter Forty Seven: A Real Memory


Generation Four: Twitter

Chapter Forty Eight: Golden Friendship

Chapter Forty Nine: Harmony

Chapter Fifty: Little Teenager

Chapter Fifty One: You’re A Dream To Me

Chapter Fifty Two: It’d Be Easier With Three Hearts

Chapter Fifty Three: Angel Of Sorts

Chapter Fifty Four: Unremembered Miracles

Chapter Fifty Five: Sparks Fly

Chapter Fifty Six: Finding Forever

Chapter Fifty Seven: Crazier

Chapter Fifty Eight: Growing Love

Chapter Fifty Nine: Beautiful Fault

Chapter Sixty: All I Want For Christmas Is You


Generation Five: Israel

Chapter Sixty One: Missing Grief

Chatper Sixty Two: Trapped With Words

Chapter Sixty Three: Milady

Chapter Sixty Four: Running

Chapter Sixty Five: Fantasy Dreams

Chapter Sixty Six: Peculiar Intentions

Chapter Sixty Seven: Can’t Rush Magic


7 Responses to Table of Contents

  1. Elysse says:

    by the way, I love this. so much. 🙂

  2. Skippy-

    I’ve been lurking on your legacy for awhile now, and now since I have started my own, I have felt the need to tell you how AMAZING you are!

    Thank you for so much inspiration!

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