Thank You :3

So, basically, I can’t figure out wordpress… because I’m horrid with technology. xD SO! Instead of having this in the little tab thing on the side [I really can not figure out to get more then one thing over there x_x] I decided to make this it’s own little page. ^-^



This rainbowcy?

It wouldn’t be possible with Cooklez.

She gives me guidance and help’s me form idea’s. AND! She blesses me with her time to make me banner’s [like the one above & on the forum] and on the signature.

I really can’t thank her enough.

[cute picture will go here… when i figure out how to. x_x]

1 Response to Thank You :3

  1. I love your face, I really do… you’re beyond spectacular. I couldn’t possibly share my art without your compliments, and I bloody well thank you for getting me through a lot, and for understanding my craving obsessions.

    There is button on top of the post to add an image Bethany, you should see it. I could always screen-cap it if you can’t.

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